Service Partner - Policies & Resources

How it works; minimum requirments; how to register

Any airport service provider can have the meet & assist services they offer in their airports marketed & sold through Airport Select

How it works

Airport Select is a marketplace, like Uber, AirBnB, Kayak.

Once registered, a service provider fully self-manages their services. This includes setting and keeping up-to-date the locations, service types, service descriptions, service prices, availability, add-ons and special surcharges (like overnight, weekend, public holidays extras).   

Minimum requirements 

The minimum requirements are

  • airside access for the airport assistant staff (landside only service is not accepted)
  • willingness to accept bookings from travellers and passengers of all types and nationalities
  • reasonable trade level prices so as to enable re-sale of their service by agents to bookers
  • willingness and ability to self-manage account and dispatch screens
  • 4 hours response time to messages/e-mails
  • an active emergency contact number for passengers to contact

Registration, set up and on-boarding - next step

If you think you will benefit from inclusion on the Airport Select global platform, send an E-mail to us at  We will send you information with everything you need to know to get on board and selling your services.  

Information pack

Here is a link to a single .pdf file with more service partner information:  download information pack