Airport Meet and Assist

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Your personal arrival assistant: 
 - will be standing at the gate where you enter the terminal building
 - will speed you through quarantine, visa, security and immigration
 - will locate checked bags and accompany you through customs
 - will contact and take you to your driver, guide, friend or hotel rep

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Your personal departure assistant 
 - will be waiting for you at the kerbside, just inside, or at check-in
 - will assist you get your boarding pass and any baggage tags
 - will lead you through security, customs and immigration checks 
 - will take you to your airline lounge and/or the boarding gate

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Your personal connection assistant: 
 - will be standing at the gate where you enter the terminal building
 - will speed you through quarantine, visa, security, & any border control 
 - will assist with necessary transfer, immigration, or check in procedures
 - will obtain your boarding pass and ensure your bags are transferred
 - will take you to your airline lounge and/or the boarding gate 

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Book it Direct with Airport Select.

Airport Solutions during the time of COVID

Airports are difficult. Procedures are new, complicated and change all the time.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has made passing through the airport more complicated.

A local assistant will resolve problems by using their knowledge, contacts & resources. 

Airport Select lets you book this extra help for any flier, in any cabin class, on any airline. 

It's useful for executives, frequent fliers, families, groups, VIPs, or anyone wanting asssitance.

Booking a service with Airport Select will connect you direct to a local expert and at low rates. 

Book Smart and travel well with Airport Select.

Benefit - Easy Booking

There are three main services types, Arrival, Departure and Transit-Connection. Our booking system show detailed and accurate service descriptions. Bookers can see the options and select the exact service that the traveller really needs. Later, a booking can be changed or canceled on-line, with an instant refund.

Benefit - Direct Booking

Airport Select connects the booker & travelers direct to a local service provider.   Direct booking is better because it cuts out middle men, eliminates human error and lowers cost.  Airport Select is a e-commerce booking platform, like Agoda,, Kayak, Uber, Grab and AirBnB. 

Benefit - Local Rates

The Airport Select system sends your booking direct to a trusted expert service local provider in the airport. As you are booking with a local provider, their prices are lower.   But to help you choose, all prices are shown in USD to make comparing and knowing the full cost easy. 

Benefit - Secure Data

Passengers’ personal information is kept safe and confidential.  We invoice, request and collect all payments. The third party payment we use is PCI compliant & secure.  Neither Airport Select nor its local partners see or keep any credit card or sensitive payment information. 

Benefit - COVID Advice

During booking, local partners can advise you of the latest procedures and requirements in their airport. Their staff will guide you through the necessary processes on the day. This local assistance will bypass airport hassles, lines and crowds, and their local knowledge will help you move quickly, safely & easily through the airport. 

Benefit - English Spoken

Our Booking systems use E-mails and confirmations in English (so that you have a written record).  Your local airport assitant will speak English, and will explain and help resolve procedures and unexpected problems.

Airport Select | Book direct meet & greet assistance around the world.

In short Airport Select makes booking airport meet and assist easy and economical. 

To find out more. Just click “Book Now” to choose the airport and to review, compare & book the help you need. 

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