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June 2020 - newsletter 

Dear Customers

Airport Select has always had the safety and well-being of our clients and staff as a top priority and has rigorously kept its fleet in exceptional condition. 

By now, we are all acutely aware of the impact the Coronavirus is having on the tourism industry worldwide, we are no exception. It’s unquestionably a challenging time and thus, the safety and health of our clients and our staff is paramount. Below are the steps and procedures our local service partners  have already implemented for your protection:

Sanitation practices

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the COVID-19 virus or Coronavirus is primarily transmitted by touch. While the overall risk of contracting the Coronavirus in an airport remains low, as a precaution, Airport Meet & Assist service providers have taken the following steps

  • Agents all staff wear masks, and may also wear handgloves
  • Agents will enaure optimal social distancing is maintained
  • Agents will try to use travellators rather than in-airport shuttle trains
  • Agents will help passengers to try and avoid lines and queues when passing through the airport, using short cuts and special routes
  • Agents may assist premium cabin passengers to board last to reduce mingling
  • Hand sanitise and/or disinfectant sprays are available
  • Private car transfers between terminals can be arranged (instead of using busses)
  • Buggy and service sharing is not allowed except by a reasonable size group travelling together
  • Where we secure a baggage porter, the porter will use masks, wear gloves and/or use hand sanitizer before moving checked bags 
  • Where we also provide the car service, the normal maximum number of passengers sharing a vehicle booked by us is recommended to be 2 for sedans and 3 for larger vehicles (unless they are family group), and each vehicle will be wiped clean and sprayed with disinfectant after prior to accepting a new passenger
  • Where the airline’s lounge is closed, the Agent will use their knowledge and contacts to recommend most comfortable waiting options or access to a pay-in lounge.
  • Agents may be able to request solo seats (next seat vacant) at check in

We are doing all we can to give our customers the flexibility they need, whilst managing an evolving situation. 

We thank you for your support and we look forward to taking you to your next destination.


Airport Select

June 2020