Airport VIP meet and assist team

The people behind the Airport Select reservation tool.

Now everybody can book global airport assistance from a website

Over twenty years in this business

Since 1998 members of our Airport VIP meet and assist team have been providing fast track and VIP airport solutions to Celebrities, Artists, Actors, business or premium cabin travellers, and premium card holders from Visa, Master Card, Diners and American Express. These Elite services were high-touch, centrally managed concierge services with a price tag to match, and so were mainly for VIPs, and VVIP high-end travellers.

Changing demand

in 2019 we recognized there was a demand for reasonably prices and self booked services for a larger market of more price sensitive fliers, including older travellers, frequent fliers, low cost airline users, parents with children, and MICE, affiliated or incentive groups.  These travellers wanted special handling services to reduce the time they need to be in queues and crowds whilst passing through airports, but only at a reasonable cost. 

So during the COVID down time period we created an environment where travel bookers could easily navigate complicated service levels, service types, languages, currencies, terminologies, surcharges, discounts and local practices and rules.  

Then we pulled together dozens of small local service partners into a single global network, with accurate & consistent service descriptions, all in English.  

Finally we built the on-boarding tool to let these verified service providers upload and self-manage their services and prices, so keeping the costs down and their offers up to date.

The Airport Select marketplace e-commerce platform

Airport Select makes a quantum game change, by adopting the metrics set by local transport & delivery businesses like Uber and Grab;  and international travel businesses like Agoda and AirBnB, which revolutionized the booking and self uploading of short-term accommodation. 

It means that everyone can book personal airport assistance, at the lowest rates, and from an easy-to-use website.