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This page provides answers to the most common questions about using the Airport Select Meet & Assist booking service.

An airport VIP meet and assist ensures you are expected, welcomed, escorted and assisted from start to end, between the aircraft gate and your car door. It is a seamless, stylish and effortless arrival, connection or departure for important travelers. It will usually include Fast-Tracking & priority handling at various stages of your passing through the airport. For Executive or VIP Arrival Services: you will be met near the air-bridge; escorted to and through quarantine, visa on arrival, security and immigration. Fast Track airport assistance will help collect your bags, escort you through customs checks and take you direct to your driver or car. For Executive or VIP Departure Services: you will be met at the entrance of the terminal building; and then escorted to and assisted through security, check in, customs and immigration. Finally you will be taken to your airline or a member lounge, or direct to the flight’s boarding gate.
It is a start to end escorted service, always performed in the restricted airside CIQ (the Customs, Immigration & Quarantine) area of an Airport. The services typically include:
  • being met at the aircraft gate or the kerbside
  • being assisted quickly at immigration, visa on arrival, quarantine, and security
  • having an escort through customs, during check in and to the boarding gate
  • getting help transferring between gates, desks and lounges for connections
  • having a personal assistant all the way between the airplane and a car.
Fast-Tracking saves time and hassle and makes the passage through an otherwise busy or difficult airport both fast and easy. A successful Fast-Tracked airport service is one where you did not have to queue in line, and/or the time it took to pass through the airport was reduced.

To minimize lines, bypass bottlenecks, avoid inconvenience and treat you as important person, the local partner's staff will speed up obtaining visa on arrival, check-in, and passing through security checks, and will escort you through fast-tracked CIQ processing.

Fast-Tracking through CIQ is different in each airport. It may involve use of a VIP area; a private terminal; a VIP lounge (where passenger waits whilst staff process the paperwork); special lines for, or pre-purchase of Visa-On-Arrivals; a fast track channel through Immigration such as the First Class line; a Crew/Diplomatic line; APAC cardholder line; Schengen or Alien Registration lines; and Automated Border Clearance line. Alternatively the service may be performed whilst the passenger relaxes in a waiting area, or it handled privately by special arrangement with the immigration department.

The local partner's staff who is assisting will use whatever channels, lines, local knowledge and local connections they have to make the passage through immigration that day fast, pleasant and easy.

They will also help you understand issues with local officials, assist with arrangements for excess or missing baggage, flight & terminal transfers, and even lounge, business centre or day-room access.

Finally, they will coordinate directly with the driver to ensure a smooth handover (avoiding the common and sometime expensive problem of not being able to find you chauffeur at the airport). They are adept at keeping local taxi and baggage touts away. And if you have no ground transportation arranged they will help you find a reliable provider and ensure there is no language communications issues over the ride or destination.

Yes. Airport Select has all the licences and approvals necessary to accept your booking and payment. Airport Select passes your order to the local partner to fulfil. All the local partners are licensed and use agents and staff who have the necessary airport security clearances, approvals and passes to work in secure non-public areas and provide the services that have been booked.
It depends on the particular airport and on what you have ordered. Not all airport have porters, buggies or VIP lounges. Where they are available to be pre-booked they may already be included as part of the standard service. And if they are not included, but are available as an extra feature they will be offered to you at the time of booking as an optional "add-on".
This depends whether you are arriving at or departing from the airport:

For arrivals they will be waiting for you at or near the end of the air-bridge or air corridor (i.e. somewhere between airplane door and the terminal building). Alternatively – if the airline has parked at a remote location on the airport apron and a tarmac bus is provided by the airline to transfer you from the plane to the terminal – they will wait with a sign at the entrance to the terminal building where the tarmac bus drops you off.

They will be holding a sign with the lead passenger's name, (or pseudonym, code name, organization or any other identification that has been requested in advance).


For departures they will be waiting for you:

  • at “kerbside” (meaning at the drop-off zone at the departure terminal level), or
  • at a special counter or booth just inside the terminal, or
  • in front of the airline's check in desk.

Where you will be met is described in your booking confirmation. The representative will be there a few minutes before your scheduled arrival time and will wait for you for up to 45 minutes form the booked meeting time. If you have not arrived within 45 minutes of the booked time, they will try to call you or your driver (if you have provided them a local hand phone number when you booked.) So, it is important that, for a departure service, if you know that you are going to be a little early or late (e.g. because of traffic) then you or your driver should contact the representative so they can adjust the meeting time.

For arrivals, if your scheduled landing time changes the local partner uses the airport system to monitor the new time and to be ready to meet you when you have landed. For departures, if you know that you are going to be a little early or late arriving at the airport (e.g. because of traffic) then you or your driver should contact the local partner or their agent so they can adjust the meeting time.
In the confirmation E-mail the local service provider will normally give a number to call in the event of any issues.
No. There is no discount or commission for travel bookers. Nett rates are shown.
In many airports yes. Domestic Terminal services are quoted case by case depending on the combination of flights, terminals and timings. Low Cost Terminals are not served in some airports. If this is the case it will be highlighted during the booking process.
Yes. What we mean by a connection is an Arrival and onwards Departure from the same airport within 24 hours, without leaving the airport. A connection may involve a switch between domestic and international terminals and areas, re-checking in landside, or using the airside transfer desks. We use terminology i2i (for international to international) , i2d (for international to domestic) and d2i and d2d etc Connections can be complicated and the booker should check with the airlines - especially the departure airline - involved whether any checked bags will be "inter-lined" (transferred automatically to the next flight) or whether they have to be collected and checked in again and/or the passenger (even without bags) has to check in and get a (new) boarding pass.
Airport Select is a booking gateway which takes the booker's order and the payment, and passes the booking automatically to a vetted and approved local service provider based at the airport. That local service partner is then responsible for communicating with the travel booker, collecting any additional or missing information they require (like Passport data) and contractually fulfilling, performing and delivering the required service.
You can book up to 6 - sometime up to 9, travelling on the same flight. If you have more than 9 passengers in your party you would need to advise us well in advance so we can prepare a special quote.
Yes, children are allowed and welcome. And in most (but not all) airports infants aged under 24 months are not counted for charging, so go free.
Use the Manage Booking tool to change or cancel your order. Where this is done less than 48 hour before the service starts there may be a change fee and/or a reduced refund. See the local partner's Terms and conditions. If you do not present yourself to the airport representative, or if you decide not to take a service that has booked, there will be no refund or credit for that service.
No. But big changes should be advised direct to the local service partner using the Airport Select Manage Booking tool or the Airport Select communication and messaging system. A big change is a change which will affect how, when and where the service you have booked is given. For example a big change would be a change in the named “lead” passenger, in the date of service, of the flight number, or a change in the kerbside meeting time for a departure, or a request for an additional feature (like a porter, buggy, lounge) or an increase in the number of passengers to be served.
Each airport has its own rules and regulations who may sometime supersede the local provider’s own operating procedures. Sometimes there is a temporary security clampdown or similar temporary alert condition ordered. Both of these may effect parts of the usual VIP service. In such a cases, these are force majeure beyond ours or the local service partner's control.