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About the Partner FAQ

This page offer answers to Service Providers' most common questions about becoming an Airport Select service partner.

AirportSelect.com is a service provider (vendor neutural) marketplace that enables operators of airport VIPs services to list their services. A traveller who needs a service in that airport can choose the service, read the service description, book and pay using a credit card. The order will be sent directly and automatically to the respective airport service provider (vendor) to fulfil. Once the service is completed, the airport vendor will receive the payment based on the payment frequency they have selected.
Our online marketplace platform enables local airport ground handling operators promote their passenger services (i.e. Airport Meet & Assist) directly, and without having to setup and build their own booking services platform.
Other meet & assist branded networks take and pass on an order and then give a full dispatch management service (like a taxi or limo company does). The booker is their customer. They add booking, dispatch management, and payment fees. It can get expensive, and they usually do not operate 24 hours a day. Airport Select is more like Uber or AirBnB. It connects local airport providers direct to the customers, passes through the order, and lets the local partner own and manage their service and their customer direct. This direct sell approach means better and faster communications, lower prices and so more new and repeat bookings.
The services offered on AirportSelect.com are principally airport Meet & Assist services. This includes Arrival, Departure, Connection and Transit for domestic and for international flights in all or any terminals at the airports you serve. You can offer all the services that you can fulfil. Our marketplace also supports a single service partner to operates across multiple airports. As well as meet and greet, other Airport services like Porters, Lounges and VIP security services will be offered on AirportSelect.com.
You do. We have built an easy-to-use and intuitive “on-boarding” process to get you set up and to keep you up-to-date. Initially we will help as needed to get you up and running. After that, you can alter prices and services by logging in to your dash board.
You will be paid in the currency you specified, after the service has been completed. The payment to you will be made either monthly or based on the frequency you set. You will be paid using PayPal transfer or TransferWise which are usually most cost effective. For large amounts, you can opt to be paid by traditional wire transfer, but should consider the remittance cost.
You enter your selling prices (what you want to receive) into our marketplace, in your local currency (or the currency that you would like to transact). Our platform converts your local currency rates into USD’s, adds a small booking tool & admin tool fee to each transaction. The final price is shown to the booker in USDs. We collect the payment from the booker.
Service partners will receive each order into their desired operations e-mail address. If you would like to receive an order into several e-mail addresses within your organization, this can be configured in your service partner dashboard.
The Airport Select booking platform has a built-in messaging tool. Your messages can be sent or viewed from within the service partner dashboard, to allow two way direct communication.
Service partners will need to resolve issues direct with the traveller or booker. This is made easy & possible using the built-in messaging tool. A log of the correspondence is automatically kept for reference.
AirportSelect.com protects both service partners and the customers. If a mutually agreeable resolution to an issue cannot be reached, our customer service manager will investigate and take action to resolve it fairly & amicably. If the issue was due to a service failure by the service partner, a refund will be given to the customer and the service partner will not be paid. If the service failed or could not be given due to the fault of the booker or traveller (e.g. they were no-show, did not claim their service, or made a very late amendment that could not be accommodated), then the service partner will be paid.
Yes certainly! AirportSelect.com was created for Airport Service Partners to receive orders from travellers needing a service at the airports they operate in. You can contact our Partner Service Manager today on website integration options.
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