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What will flying be like post Corona? - July 2020

We will travel again, but it will not be the same. Even when borders reopen, travellers must trust that flying is safe and that they will be able to enter the destination country which Travel Bubbles, Green and Fast Lanes, Corridors and Bridges will address.

During check in and on board new health safety protocols and systems will be put in place, but have yet to be clearly defined, agreed and coordinated across airlines, airports and countries.

The suite of measure to protect passengers and crew from infection on board may include

  • Frequent temperature checks
  • Mandatory use of face masks on board
  • Limiting movement inside the cabin,
  • Scaling back food and drink services, more pre-pachaged meals and drinks
  • Reducing human interaction throughout the flight
  • No duty free sales
  • No inflight magazines or reading material
  • No queuing for the toilet or walking around for exercise
  • In-flight e-menu and/or digital food ordering service before departure
  • Solutions to let customers print boarding passes and baggage tags at airport self-service kiosks in a contactless way

Some of these are already in place:  watch this excellent video made in June 2020.

Other trends or proposals include Immunity passports, fully digital ID and passports and travel credential and documents, mobile apps, QR codes, Iris scanning, facial recognition.  All will seek to use touchless and biometric technology. There are considerable privacy, consent and transparency, and governance hurdles to overcome.

The object of all this effort is that Companies and Organizations can be confidant to let their employees staff travel again, and that these travellers can fly with confidence, knowing that airlines have taken the necessary steps to safeguard their well-being throughout their flight experience.

Whenever people fly using Airport Select service (like Meet and Assist, Porters and Chauffeur Car) will be helpful and reassuring


Special Airport help for elderly or infirm passengers - December 2019

Even the fittest and most well-seasoned travellers can find foreign airports difficult to navigate. For those who are elderly or disabled, it can be a nightmare. services are here to help! Our personal Meet and Assist Services whisk you through the red tape in the fastest time possible with a dedicated professional greeter. In some airports we can also arrange an electric buggy and can provide help and advice if you need wheelchair assistance.

These Meet and Greet Services are invaluable for those who have mobility issues, are elderly or perhaps are recuperating after surgery or sickness. We can also offer assistance to passengers with physical or mental disabilities and are travelling with a companion. We will ensure sensitive handling and assistance for a smooth and easy airport experience. These VIP services are available whether you are arriving, departing or connecting between flights.

Wheelchair services at airports

Wheelchairs are provided by the airlines and are normally pushed by trained airline or ground handling staff. We work with them to meet passengers at the airbridge which requires personnel with additional security clearance. We check with the airline to ensure that their wheelchair is ready and waiting for you on your arrival. This may be at the airbridge for arrivals and connections, or kerbside for departing travellers.

Wheelchair services are normally offered free of charge by the airline, so you should make your request directly to them when booking your seat.  However, if the passengers is connecting between two different airlines we will help ensure the staff coordinate, or sometime we will ourselves provide a wheel chair service for the connection

Electric buggy services

If you need an electric buggy to transport your through the airport, either with or without a wheelchair, we may be able to arrange this for you. Where a terminal has a bookable buggy service, our Meet and Assist greeters will accompany you through the airport in it to the immigration or security check points

Travellers who may benefit from a wheelchair or buggy service as part of our VIP Services include:

  • The elderly
  • People with mobility issues
  • Those who are tired after a long overnight flight
  • People recovering from sickness or surgery
  • Families with young children
  • Those who find walking long distances uncomfortable

Wheelchair and airport buggy services are all part of the wider VIP Airport Concierge Services which include a personal local greeter to escort your through the fastest channels. You will have the benefit of someone local on hand at all times to assist with language issues and airport paperwork.

From kerbside assistance to airport lounge and from baggage claim to security, Airport Select's services for the elderly or disabled can cut through the usual delays and red tape in no time at all.